3 Sources of Additional Sales Hiding in Your Existing Shopify Traffic & How to Capture Them

–TLDR (super short version) — We analyzed internal data from 20 successful Shopify stores. Here are the top 3 things preventing willing and able shoppers from buying:  35.5% have product questions before placing anything in cart  15.5% encounter checkout problems  Almost every store occasionally has bugs preventing customers from moving forward (19 of 20 stores) These
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Zapier + OwnerListens: The Easiest Way To Initiate Texts To Customers

Looking for the Compose from Dashboard feature? We are super excited and proud to introduce our new Zapier integration which allows OwnerListens customers to easily initiate a text message to one or more of their customers. For those unfamiliar with it, Zapier (zapier.com) is an automation service connecting various apps many people and businesses use. For instance,
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Unravel the Mystery Behind Abandoned Carts on Your Shopify Store

Shopify sales dashboard shows falling sales

Carts get abandoned for a reason. You can close more sales if you find out why! Does this sound familiar?  You’re sitting in front of the computer watching a live recording of a customer on your Shopify store. They got there by clicking a Facebook ad so they already cost you some money. The customer is checking out a
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Welcome BBB!

We are beyond excited to announce BBB now, our collaboration with Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. Since we first met Steve McFarland, the CEO, our discussions always come back to two topics: Alignment of values and mission. We believe direct and efficient communication between businesses and their customers is the best
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2016 Was Not About Us

OwnerListens - Making Customers Happy

2016 was quite a year at OwnerListens. We passed the 12,000 businesses mark, added some marquee customers (hey 49ers!) and launched some awesome capabilities such as landline texting, Zendesk integration, Google Analytics support, Google Tag Manager and much, much more. Texting with customers was legitimized by Facebook Messenger’s launch of chatbots (in which we participated)
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