Welcome BBB!

We are beyond excited to announce BBB now, our collaboration with Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

Since we first met Steve McFarland, the CEO, our discussions always come back to two topics:

  • Alignment of values and mission. We believe direct and efficient communication between businesses and their customers is the best way to enhance marketplace trust.
  • Agreement about the future of commerce. We believe the mobile revolution calls for adjustments in the way businesses and customers communicate. The future of commerce is mobile, immediate, and built on genuine relationships. Messaging technology, automation, AI and machine learning will all help accelerate this change but at the end of the day as the BBB slogan says, It Starts With Trust!

BBB now emerged from those conversations.

  • It enables customers to text and instant message businesses directly from their cellphones.
  • It gives businesses the tools to respond to those messages quickly, safely and at scale.


We built BBB now with the following qualities in mind:

  1. Simple – Easy to use for both consumers and businesses
  2. Safe – Protects employers and business owners from having their personal contact information exposed.
  3. Scalable – As businesses and messaging grow, the platform has to hold up to increasing volumes, a multitude of responders and progressively complex workflows. BBB now is built on top of world class infrastructure tested for high volume messaging. It also employs technology for scaling responsiveness through automation. The systems finds recurring questions and answers and can automate those interactions using keyword bots, suggestion bots and fully automated chatbots. No matter how big your business is or becomes, BBB now has you covered with integrations for Zendesk, Salesforce and other customer management software.
  4. Efficient – Texting is the most efficient way for businesses and customers to interact. It’s faster for both sides and requires fewer resources. And, texting with BBB now adds even more efficiency. Customers don’t have to change anything about how they write messages and businesses can use the response flow that fits their current work practices – from email to helpdesk integrations.
  5. Trustworthy – Texts have a 98% open rate and we want to keep it that way. Businesses cannot use the BBB now platform to spam customers. If they do, we will block them. There is also a profanity filter and a spam filter to block abusive customers.
  6. Comprehensive – Consumers can select their messaging channel of choice from mobile app, texting or Facebook Messenger. Integrations with other messaging apps are also available. Businesses have the flexibility to configure their response settings in a way that matches their needs and culture.
  7. Flexible – From “mom and pops” to full scale enterprise grade solutions, BBB now can accommodate businesses of varying sizes and complexities. Small businesses can sign up for the no frills self serve option and large enterprises can opt for a custom program that integrates with their existing systems and employs AI to automate workflows and respond to customers faster.
  8. Compliant – The rules of texting and messaging can be confusing and difficult to navigate. BBB now takes that pain away.
  9. Affordable – Pricing was set to make texting affordable for even the smallest businesses. We wanted to democratize texting for every business.
  10. State of the art – Provide top of the line messaging solutions that will grow and adapt to a changing marketplace. We’re in an exciting industry that’s continuously changing. Businesses don’t have the time or resources to keep up with the latest developments. Leave that to us.

BBB now is open to all US and Canada based businesses, whether BBB Accredited or not. However, BBB Accredited Businesses get special perks and benefits from joining BBB now.

Try BBB now – for free. There’s no better way for you to jump into texting with your customers.

Then let us know what you think of it. Share your wish list of features, questions and suggestions in the comments below or text us at 831-222-2669 (831-2BBBNOW).

We’re listening.

Adi and the OwnerListens team

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