Unravel the Mystery Behind Abandoned Carts on Your Shopify Store

Shopify sales dashboard shows falling sales

Carts get abandoned for a reason. You can close more sales if you find out why!

Does this sound familiar? 

You’re sitting in front of the computer watching a live recording of a customer on your Shopify store. They got there by clicking a Facebook ad so they already cost you some money.

The customer is checking out a product. It’s one of your best sellers. You’re optimistic about the possibility of a sale. The customer is now looking at more info, examining sizing. Now they’re playing with color selection. Oooh.

Black screen. Bounce. The end.

abandoned carts be gone


Another sale that wasn’t made and for no apparent reason. Tack another one for the abandoned carts team.

Or, Maybe This? 

You’re staring at you Shopify dashboard in disbelief. You’ve been testing out ads and finally found one that is a hit. Great conversion to cost ratio. Then…

POOF! Sales drop for no apparent reason

Shopify sales dashboard: less sales more abandoned carts

Now what?
Should you keep paying for those Facebook ads?
You’ve read the blog posts, scoured forums and FB groups, even paid a guru, all to no avail. You have no idea why this is happening nor what to do about it.


The answer might be right under your nose…

The one thing you haven’t done yet is talk to customers directly. If only you could ask them what the holdup is, what’s keeping them from completing the sale, you could quickly fix it and be on your way to conversion heaven.


The Message Mate app can help you understand what is standing between your customer and the checkout button

The app is a simple unobstrusive texting widget that sits on your website and prompts customers to reach out if they need help. Because texting is so easy, customers actually use it!

Langsura, an apparel store on Shopify, has an elegant Message that has brought in many sales


Yes, they really will text you

We know, because we process thousands of text conversations for Shopify ecommerce stores every day. Conversations like these: 

Three text conversations from Shopify ecommerce stores

You will respond to the texts from your email or our dashboard or your cellphone

Hi. It's a looser fit. Length is about to mid thighs or just above the knees, depends on your height.
Reply from any browser

You will learn exactly what’s keeping customers on the fence

Wish I could try it on. Shopify

No matter how you reply, customer gets it as a text

You will answer their questions & they will finish buying

You have 10 days from the date of shipping

Conversation about a store checkout bug

Conversation outcome: decided to buy #winning

More importantly, you will take those lessons and implement them to get more conversions

Online Shopify Store Dress listing with returns policy

Highlighting the returns policy on more expensive pieces increased conversion rates

That simple?

YES. Try it out free.

Or check out more conversations:

Conversation about a store checkout bug

This conversation caught a bug and saved this tee shirt store many conversions

Conversation about a store checkout bug

This vape shop on Shopify creates customers for life with the ability to get vape mix advice via text

Conversation about a store checkout bug

This conversation from an organic cosmetics Shopify store resulted in a sale + happy customer who posted online about the store

Conversation about a store checkout bug

After a few conversations like this, this supplements store realized its shipping costs need to be more clear

Ready now? Try it out free

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