Stop Torturing Your Customers

Stop torturing your customers by forcing them to call or email you. Get Message Mate and start texting with them instead.

You like customers right? You know – the people who buy your product/service and pay you. They’re kind of essential.

You want more of them, right?
So why make it difficult for potential customers to contact you?

Go ahead and try contacting yourself from your website. How long does it take?
Now do it on mobile. How long does it take? More than 50% of browsing now takes place on mobile. Start thinking mobile if you haven’t already.

How to tell if it’s torture to contact you:

  1. You can’t do it from every page. If a customer has to navigate away, there are many distractions and problems that will keep them from completing the purchase. What a waste of a sale.
  2. You have to look around the site or scroll a lot (on mobile) to find it. The customer will just do it later, or never…
  3. You need to fill out a form. The more fields, the more torture. Doesn’t matter how big or small you are, forms are no longer acceptable. Especially when it’s so easy to replace them with bots.
  4. You need to send an email. Customers often get stuck at the subject line and leave the email for later. They never come back.

    Don't make your customers jump through hoops, get Message Mate and start textingStop torturing your customers. There’s a better way.


    We don’t really have to explain do we? As a customer, don’t you prefer it too? It’s a no-brainer!


    Get our Message Mate texting widget for your ecommerce website and watch as more customers roll in. Sign up for a 14 day free trial and get your own custom number or schedule a demo with us to see how it would work on your website.

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