Don’t blame the dog

No more excuses: It's not the dog, it's that you don't text with customers using Message MateStop making excuses

Why are your sales not increasing as fast as you’d like? Why do you have so many abandoned carts? Excuses for ecommerce troubles are easy and plentiful. But usually, they’re about as useful as blaming the dog for eating your homework.

Time to face two simple facts:

1. Over 50% of browsing/shopping is now on mobile (this past Thanksgiving, “mobile exceeded desktop shopping visits at 57 percent“)
2. 76% of young adults prefer to interact with companies via texting (and not through calls, emails or blasted contact forms). This is especially true when they’re on mobile.

No more blaming Fido – You should be texting with your customers!

Message Mate gives you all the tools you need to efficiently and safely text with your customers.
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