How to Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment stinks!

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It can really take the wind out of your sails when you’ve worked hard to generate a high volume of traffic on your site, but the sales figures leave something to be desired. Why does this happen, and how can you fight back?

The Problem

Data collected by the Baymard Institute shows that over 68% of online shoppers abandon their online shopping cart, and that number is steadily rising.

A survey conducted a few years ago highlighted the most popular reasons for abandoning a shopping cart before checkout. Here a few that have an easy fix:

  1. 56% of shoppers said the shipping charges were too expensive, or not listed until the end of the checkout process
  2. 25% said the navigation was too difficult
  3. 24% said the webpage crashed
  4. 16% said that transit time was not what they wanted

When something isn’t working, or questions arise about products, shipping costs, transit times etc., customers are not always able to reach out in a convenient manner with a reasonable expectation for a speedy response. They can either send an email (ugh), call the contact number (who has time for that?), or use a chat window forcing the customer to remain chained to a computer. This often leads customers to give up.

The Solution

Everyone texts. Allowing your customers to text your business can get their questions answered quickly, right at their fingertips and save the sale. Message Mate  makes that possible. With this texting solution, your customer can contact you in 3 seconds flat, and continue the conversation from anywhere- that’s the beauty of texting. No need to sit behind a computer for chat, or wait on hold. Just your customer, their question, and your immediate solution delivered straight to them (which can also be sent privately from your phone, email, or web dashboard).


Customer View

 Business View

Message Mate SMS to the rescue

Selling more yoga pants with Message Mate

Right at your fingertips. Selling more yoga pants with Message Mate

Selling more yoga pants with Message Mate

Homepage View

Message Mate makes a great add on to your website

Mobile View

Message Mate looks great on mobile devices too!

Message Mate looks great on mobile devices too!

Now that’s something to be excited about

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