Message Mate 1.5 is here!

Message Mate 1.5 is here – with better desktop and tablet support

Message Mate 1.5 behavior

Smooooth operator

We are very proud to announce a new version of Message Mate, Message Mate 1.5, which includes a whole new way of interacting with customers who are on desktops and tablets.

Hang on, what’s Message Mate? Catch up here

Message Mate is one of the simplest and most useful additions for your website if you’re looking to give your customers an easy way to contact you. On mobile, it appears as an unobtrusive banner which, when tapped, automatically opens the customer’s messaging app so they can send you a text. On desktop, Message Mate is a side banner which gently notifies a customer that they can contact you directly and privately. And the best part – the conversation continues on their phone! No annoying online chats that lack continuity and force customers (and reps) to wait by their computer.

Once a customer sends a message, whether a text from their mobile device or through Message Mate itself (depicted below), the message is immediately delivered to the defined business users via email, web dashboard and SMS (if enabled) who can then reply in real time. The business reply is delivered to the customer’s phone via SMS (or via email, if no mobile number was provided). No contact information is disclosed in this exchange.

Here’s what it looks like on a desktop or tablet

Message Mate message sending flow desktop

Tablet and desktop flow

How do I get this awesome add-on?

Message Mate is available on many platforms.

If your site is hosted on Shopify, head here.

Do you own a Magento shop? head here.

Site hosted on Weebly? go here.

For most other sites (including those hosted on Squarespace and WordPress), head here.

How much does it cost?

Message Mate is always free for the first 14 days, on any platform. After that, it’s just $10 per month, per number, for up to 50 conversations (with unlimited messages in each conversation).

Is your customers’ satisfaction worth  Two dimes?

Get Your Message Mate today

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