Five Reasons Why Taking Reservations via Text Can Transform Your Business

Message Mate for Reservations

Message Mate for Reservations

Stop overpaying for reservations

Most restaurants that offer reservations do so through phone calls or dedicated software platforms. Both are flawed for several reasons. Most importantly, because customers don’t like having to call or download a dedicated app. Instead, customers prefer texting. Luckily for restaurants, texting has several advantages to current methods.

Here are just a few ways texting is better for your business:

  1. It’s noise free – Restaurants are hectic environments, and even in the quietest ones it can be hard to hear the other person on the line. Since most people are calling from mobile phones these days, they’ll often sound like they’re in a wind tunnel or using some weird auto tune. Why waste time on any of it? Texting is noise free.
  2. It’s accent free – If noise isn’t bad enough, what if your guests have an accent you can’t understand? How many times can you ask them to repeat themselves before it gets awkward? Texting is accent free, so everyone and anyone can make a reservation.
  3. It’s faster – Spending time on the phone to verify reservation details, or ask customers to repeat things while your staff writes them down, wastes employee time and costs you money. Texting is much faster and is already in writing. Simply text back to confirm or use email to reply.
  4. It’s easier – Customers are busy and impatient. There’s a risk that if they need to go through an app or login to a reservation platform, they’ll bounce, get distracted or forget their password. Texting requires nothing but a phone, it doesn’t even have to be a smartphone. Pro tip: Encourage customers to save the number to their phone to stay top of mind. They won’t go to Google, Yelp, or your website. They’ll just click on your number. Texting is simply more convenient for customers which means you’ll get more of them, and more often.
  5. It’s cheaper –  STOP paying a per reservation or per guest fee to the likes of OpenTable or Eveve . With Message Mate you only pay a flat monthly fee for a texting number and a messaging package (typically $10/month). Simple, easy to budget for, and, in our opinion, more fair.

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Not a business? Post this to your favorite restaurant’s wall and ask them to enable texting for reservations

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