Cat or Tiger? Which One is Your Business?

Your business: Cat or Tiger?

Your business might be doing just fine. But is just fine enough? How many customers are you losing by not getting back to them in time? How many sales have you missed? How many shopping carts have been abandoned to live out the rest of their days in limbo?

The Four Top Reasons Why Email is No Longer Good Enough

  1. Email open rates are low and inboxes are always too full. Your message can get lost in customer inboxes as easily as a soft meow in a crowded music festival.
  2. Email is most often opened on smartphones, increasing the chance the email will be forgotten about if a follow up is needed (such as completing one’s purchase). If your email isn’t optimized for mobile, forget about it.
  3. 51% of browsing occurs on mobile devices. Sending an email while on your site is a clunky process. Giving up or thinking they’ll ‘do it later’ never looked so good. No wonder conversion rates are so low and shopping cart abandonment is so high.
  4. The average online shopper has the attention span of a goldfish. Consumers want instant gratification and using their phones, they can get it. It’s so much easier to go find a product they want on a different website or through an app like Amazon. Why wait for your email reply? By the time your reply gets to them, if they ever open it, it is often too late.

This, makes your business a cat.

Cats are cute, but your business is stronger than that

With that said, don’t be discouraged. We wouldn’t drag you through the ringer if we didn’t have a solution.

Four Top Reasons Why You Must Add Texting to Your Ecommerce Shop

  1. It’s so easy to text. Customers who would never email you, will now engage. The shopper clicks a number, their messaging app opens. Simple.
  2. For millennial shoppers, it’s a cultural issue. Younger audiences (30 and under) grew up with texting as their first means of communications and they spend more money online shopping than any other demographic.
  3. Texts have a 97% open rate! That’s triple to quadruple the open rate of email.
  4. THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON – Customers absolutely love it! Texting feels personal (even if you automate some answers in the backend with OwnerListens). Your chances of the customer singing your praises to their friends increase tremendously. It’s organic, authentic word of mouth marketing – the best kind there is.

Move to texting and find your inner roar. With Message Mate your business can be a tiger.

Be a tiger business with Message Mate

Ready to find your roar and start texting?

Become a Tiger Business! Get our Message Mate texting widget for your ecommerce website and watch as more customers roll in. Sign up for a 14 day free trial and get your own custom number or schedule a demo with us to see how it would work on your website.

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