Everyone and Their Grandmother Texts

Grandma and grandpa are texting businesses with OwnerListens

Your business should too.

It might sound like an easy solution to just use your own phone number for customers to text you, but it’s worth some extra thought.

Here’s the OwnerListens advantage: we keep all contact info private, so neither the customer nor the business sees any personal number.

  • If you’re a business owner, you don’t want your cell number given out to anyone and everyone who comes into your location.

You’d probably end up with a lot of spam. OwnerListens will filter any spam on your SMS channel for you.

  • Your employees feel the same way.

They could get flooded with questions and messages that aren’t relevant to them, and they probably don’t want to be asked where to find duct tape during their time off. Taking orders via text makes their lives a lot easier, but if you’re an ice cream shop frequented by local middle-schoolers, odds are your employees won’t love midnight prank calls quite as much.

  • With a private SMS number, customers can communicate with your business without revealing their own information.

This way, they’re encouraged to reach out with questions and concerns that they might not share otherwise.

  • Our backend will do the work for you.

With an internal flow, you can seamlessly divert messages to other employees, whether you want certain types of messages routed to specific individuals or an escalation flow to ensure customers get timely responses.

  • You’re not limited to a single device.

With OwnerListens, messages can be delivered to employees’ own phones – no need for new devices. Additionally, you can respond to customers through the OwnerListens Dashboard on your computer if you’d rather not type longer messages from a tiny phone keyboard.

  • Enforce your business hours.

Keep 2:00 A.M. texting to a minimum – OwnerListens lets you set times when customers’ messages won’t immediately be delivered. This way, you can get a good night’s sleep and respond to your customers in the morning.

The OwnerListens platform also allows you to track messages through your system, establishing accountability for each responder. You can ensure that employees respond in a timely manner and comply with company policies, and if someone doesn’t, you’ll know who they are. We track data and compile analytics for you, so all you have to do is look at trends instead of gathering them yourself.

Private SMS channels are easier to use for all involved – they streamline communications and allow for the efficient, real-time responses customers expect while keeping everyone’s information safe.
Have a funny story about customers getting in touch on your personal phone number? Seen the benefits of OwnerListens’ anonymous SMS yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Bob Meserschmidt

    I love that this works on feature phones too – my grandmother really COULD partake in this

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