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If you’ve ever shopped online, you’ve probably noticed that fantastic e-commerce websites can be tricky to find.

Great web design – and even great products – can only go so far if the checkout and shipping processes are awful. Sometimes sites that excel everywhere else come screeching to a halt when buyers reach out to customer service.


Good customer service, however, is vital.

74% of American consumers have spent more with a company because of positive customer experiences. When your business exists online, there aren’t any friendly faces to interact with or ways to ensure good customer experiences – so it’s extra important to make sure that your customer support exceeds expectations.

That’s where Ownerlistens comes into play.

  • OwnerListens routes customers’ messages to the appropriate employees – no more trying to work through billing issues with the shipping team.
  • Your customers can ask you all kinds of questions and get answers in real-time so they can complete their purchases as planned. If they’re multitasking, they can still get fast answers without sitting in front of their computer.
  • Cut down on returns and exchanges by answering questions about sizing, fit, materials, and product uses.
  • Create more opportunities for upselling: customers can ask what shoes go best with their new jeans or what kind of accessories they should get with their new electronics.
  • If an item is out of stock, customers can text you and ask when you’ll have it back in. If you don’t have an answer right away, you can send them a message on your open SMS channel when a shipment arrives.
  • Keep your customers posted on shipping – they can ask if a certain delivery method will get their order in on time, and you can let them know when you’ve sent it.
  • In the event of a mistake somewhere along the checkout flow, customers can send you a text to correct information like their shipping address or contact email rather than wasting time on a phone call trying to fix things.


When your website sees a lot of traffic, it can be difficult to communicate with your customers as closely as you’d like.

Emails have long response times and low open rates, and calls generally address single issues – plus, it’s expensive to maintain a call center. Live chats can be useful, but when a message goes to only one individual, there’s usually a limit on how helpful that person can be without transfer or research.


This is where texting comes in as part of the OwnerListens platform.

Over SMS, your customers can message you and get responses in real-time, saving you both time and money. Employees can handle multiple texts in the time they’d normally take one call, and no one has to worry about mishearing important information. In fact, almost all text messages received by people in general are read within 3 minutes where the messages themselves are read in under 5 seconds. If the average customer handle time ranges from 7-10 minutes, imagine how much quicker customer service turnaround times can be made.

Further, our contextual analysis routes messages to the right employee the first time around – customers don’t have to wait on hold for a transfer. There’s even a snazzy OwnerListens widget you can add to your website so that your number is visible to customers while they shop.


E-commerce is already a huge industry, and it’s projected to keep growing massively over the next few years. Don’t let your business miss out on a chunk of the 80 billion-dollar pie because it’s not keeping up with customers’ demands for great service. OwnerListens can help you manage your online operations more efficiently than everything from call centers to live chats – not to mention it’s less expensive than any other solution.

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