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Companies’ social media profiles have recently experienced a surge in fake customer service accounts run by internet pranksters. These accounts have popped up on Target’s Facebook page, along with many other businesses’, and some, like the suspended parody account @UnitedAirHelp, have become increasingly visible during real customer service crises.

The resulting posts and comments are funny, but if you’re a business owner, the concept can be unsettling. Objective readers can laugh at the accounts, but your paying customers might believe they’re talking to real customer service reps, which is a nuisance to sort out. You might wonder if you can prevent these accounts from plaguing your business’s profiles, but there’s a bigger lesson to be learned.

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These pseudo-profiles are not just a sign of cleverness, they are a sign of increasing customer expectations and accompanying increasing frustrations. The fake accounts highlight how frustrated customers are with lagging response times and template answers from businesses. Big companies like Walmart, Target, and United actually have teams of people monitoring social media and responding to messages. However, because those teams are never on the ground, have limited authority, lag in their response time, and generally sound like robots, customers aren’t happy with them.  

It’s hard for businesses, especially big ones, to provide great customer service online.

Consumers have grown used to instant access to information, and now they expect instant, personal responses from businesses. When reaching out over social media, 42% of consumers expect a reply within the hour!  No matter how many bodies are staffed on a social media page or Twitter feed, they can’t solve customer expectations as well as a manager who is close to the situation. That’s why businesses still suffer ridicule from online memes and phenomena like fake customer service accounts.

There’s a solution and it’s within reach. It may seem impossible for a business to meet those expectations but it’s actually doable and not just for big brands with many resources. At OwnerListens, we have built the tools that enable any size business to provide real time responsiveness. We provide you with a virtual number customers can text and instantly reach a human. We take care of all the backend so customers’ messages can go to multiple employees who can help them, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on everyone’s conversations on your OL Dashboard so you can make sure company policies are upheld. This is a much better solution than having a complaint show up online and then scrambling to respond while protecting your brand. Once you educate customers about texting you, they’ll stop complaining on social media. In fact, they’ll sing your praises.


At OwnerListens, we recognize that your business wants to provide the best service possible. Give your customers what they’re looking for with instant messaging – you’ll be able to solve problems as they arise, which will help prevent social media complaints and keep the trolls off of your profile.

Text us to get your OwnerListens virtual number today! 650-825-1166

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  1. Dani

    I’ve had Yahoo since I first got an email account back in the 90s and this latest update is just f****** terrible. Didn’t they do any user or usability testing? …

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