You’ve Got an SMS Number: Now What?


To all of our new Owners with OwnerListens numbers!

You’ve made a great choice in expanding your contact channels for customers, and your business is about to see great results.

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Now that you’ve got the number, don’t just let it sit there – there’s no point in having the number if nobody texts it. How do you make sure people do that?

A few tips:

  • Signs. Use the OwnerListens sign creator to help design the perfect addition to your location. Add your logo, write your own message, and voila! Put them in your windows, by your cash registers, on bathroom doors – anywhere customers might have questions, comments, or concerns.
  • Social Media. Tweet it, Facebook it, Instagram it, Pin it. Spread your number all over whatever networks you’re on. You can even use your newly made signs as cool graphics to share. The number should also go in the description for all of your profiles, and if you’re feeling fancy, you could even add it to your headers and cover photos.
  • Offline. Add your number to all of your offline marketing materials, and prompt customers to save the number to their phone. Remember, the goal is to get as many customers as possible aware of your new number, in any relevant media.
  • Sites. It might seem obvious, but your number should be on your website right there with all of your other contact info. Your phone number is there, so why isn’t your SMS number? You can also add it to your menus, both online and in the real world, so customers can text you questions as they come to mind. A great way to do this is by adding our Message Mate to your website.
  • Speed Dial. Encourage your customers to save your number! It makes the communication process easier when they don’t have to search for it.
  • Speak. After customers have been exposed to your new number, it’s time to reinforce the notion of texting you. Texting a business is a new habit which will take some effort to form. Tell all of your customers, especially those that call you, that they can text you instead.

Your next step is to wait. It doesn’t sound exciting, but that’s how this goes. On average, it takes about two months for habits to form, so you’ll have to be a little patient as your customers adjust. Over time, your customers will get used to texting you, and eventually, it’ll become second nature.

Don’t have an OwnerListens number? Get yours here

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