Customer Service Case Study – a Personal Touch

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The numbers don’t lie: customers love personalization.

73% of consumers say they prefer a personalized, more relevant experience with businesses, and 86% say personalization has at least some influence on their purchases. Tread carefully, though, and when in doubt, ask permission to store or use personal info – 88% of consumers think they should control how businesses can use their information.

74% of retailers that personalize customers’ buying experiences report an increase in sales.

According to the data, then, tailoring your customers’ experiences to their individual profiles is a smart move. It’s easy to do this when you’re talking to a customer face-to-face, but what happens when a customer isn’t physically on location?

With an OwnerListens SMS channel, your customers can message you just like they do their friends – though we keep contact info private on both sides by default. Over instant messages, you can connect with customers on a personal level just like you can when they’re on site.


Many of our customers are spas and hair salons, and quite a few use their text-messaging channels to answer questions from, and recommend products to, their clients. We often see conversations between stylists and customers just like this one:

Client: “Last week Crystal dyed my hair and I’ve noticed the color fading. What can I do about this?”

Stylist: “We’ve got a great shampoo in store that will protect your color, and it’ll also help with the split ends we talked about. Let me know when you can stop by and I’ll make sure we have a bottle at the register for you! Thanks, Crystal”

Client: “Great, thanks! You’re the best. I’ll come by ASAP!”


By making the conversation personal, the stylist encouraged her client to become a repeat customer. She made it easy for the client to decide to come back to the salon and make another purchase, and the client loved that she went the extra mile just for her. The stylist also resolved what could have turned into a complaint about faded hair color before it became a problem.

Human-to-human communication is always the best way for businesses to provide service, but it’s impossible for every interaction to occur in person. Texting, therefore, is the perfect way to maintain personal engagement with your customers: email is too slow, and phone calls waste both customers’ and employees’ time and effort. OwnerListens is here to help you make the most of mobile messaging. We’ll mask phone numbers, route messages, and filter spam for you: all you have to do is text customers back.

Connect with your customers one-to-one the way they want to be reached – no form emails, no robo-calls, just real people providing real, personal service.


If your business is a salon or spa, let us know how you use OwnerListens in the comments below!

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