Not An Ordinary Wednesday! The OwnerListens Clover App Is Here!

Clover OwnerListens App for direct and private customer communications

Clover OwnerListens App for direct and private customer communications

Happy Wednesday Merchants!

Today, we are excited to announce our collaboration with Clover Network, a premier point-of-sale and business management solution. The collaboration brings OwnerListens’ powerful messaging platform to Clover merchants who strive for continuous improvement in their business and for genuine customer feedback.

Available for download from the Clover App Market, the OwnerListens app directs customers to a private and secure messaging interface. The customer’s email is protected and not shared with the business (unless the customer chooses otherwise) but the merchant can still respond to close the loop in real time. This empowers customers to freely speak their mind about their customer experience without fear of spam or retribution.

When customers feel safe that their info cannot be sold or used to send spam, they are more likely to reach out and provide honest feedback and suggestions for the business. Equally important, a secure line to the merchant encourages customers to complain directly rather than post online reviews on sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor or Twitter. Merchants who respond to customers quickly can turn a potential negative review and lost customer into a positive review and recovered revenue.

In an era when online reputation is critical to business success, preventing negative reviews and creating customer advocates cannot be underestimated. In fact, a study by Harvard Assistant Professor Michael Luca showed that a one star improvement in ratings leads to a 5-9% increase in revenues.

The OwnerListens Clover app includes access to the OwnerListens Dashboard where merchants can see valuable information about how to improve their customer service such as customer service ratings, response times and recurring issues. Clover merchants who want to take control of their online reputation can turn to this simple yet powerful solution for free through the Clover App Market.

Says Mark Schulze, Co-founder of Clover Network: “We strive to bring Clover merchants the most complete set of tools to run their business in one easy to use, intuitive interface. The OwnerListens App helps merchants fill a growing need – communicating directly with customers while maintaining privacy, engendering trusting and promoting honest communications”.

Says Adi Bittan, CEO of OwnerListens: “Now more than ever, merchants need to be listening to their customers through every step of the customer journey. The OwnerListens Clover App completes our array of customer communications tools by prompting customers for their opinion immediately after the transaction concluded while it’s fresh in their minds.”

If you’re already a Clover merchant, head over to the Clover App Market and install OwnerListens for Clover. If you aren’t head to to check it out.

Let us know what you think of the app. Email [email protected] or text us at 650-825-1166. We are always listening!

The OwnerListens Dashboard centralizes customer messages in one location coupled with valuable analytics

The OwnerListens Dashboard centralizes customer messages in one location coupled with valuable analytics


About OwnerListens

OwnerListens is platform for real time messaging between customers and businesses. The connected consumer demands immediate service, delivered on their mobile phone, while maintaining privacy and security. OwnerListens enables businesses of all types and sizes to seamlessly deliver on those demands. Learn more at

About Clover

Clover Network, Inc., is transforming businesses with Clover Station, a cloud-based point-of-sale device, and the Clover App Market, which enables developers to distribute their products to merchants using Clover. Learn more on


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