Are Your Social Pages Boring? Add Spark With Beautiful Review Cards!

When you get a great review about your business, you want to dance and shout about it from the rooftops:


But just pasting the text of a good review onto a Facebook page or Twitter message is kind of, well, boring…


We feel your pain.


And, we’re coming to the rescue

200 (1)


The OwnerListens Cards Generator helps you create an awesome graphic that will make reviews posted your social pages way more interesting than text alone.

  1. Go to on your desktop browser (mobile version coming soon)
  2. Follow the instructions to generate a beautiful graphic showcasing your great review
  3. Post it on social media. Don’t forget to link to the original review for credit and credibility

 2015-01-11 20_01_31.138554+00_00

Oh, and it’s FREE!


 200 (2)

Wait! There’s more. Just for kicks, we made a fun cards-based pop culture quiz. You can play with it below and it counts as “work”.


So Much Win!


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