Watch Your F***ing Mouth

Wash mouth out with soap dirty dirty customer

Wash mouth out with soap

Every startup is of course happy to see growth on its platform but with growth come growing pains.

As the volume of messages on OwnerListens increased, we started to see a growing cleanliness problem. Not in the sense that we’re used to where customers complain about store or bathroom cleanliness. More in the sense of customers’ dirty mouths.

Honestly folks, for customers who demand store cleanliness (and rightfully so), you sure don’t demand it from your vocabulary. I’m not just talking about the occasional F-bomb, I’m talking about some very vivid, detailed descriptions. Let’s just say, I learnt a few new expletives.

Foul language was beginning to become a problem. It’s unpleasant and business owners don’t want their employees exposed to it. We listened to this feedback and today we are launching a profanity filter that replaces foul language with the star symbol (*). Businesses will still be able to understand the word but it will be less in-your-face offensive which will hopefully make everyone’s experience more pleasant.

Businesses – If you do get a message with profanity in it, drop us a line at [email protected]. The filter is not perfect yet but with your help, it can be.

Customers – Please try to stay civil and polite in your messages. If it helps, imagine it’s your mother on the other side reading it or keep this guy in mind:




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