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Communication: Keys to the Customer Satisfaction Kingdom

Let’s talk about communication Communication defines how we connect with other people in our everyday lives. It’s not a word that is brought up as often as it should be when it comes to customer service. Sure, the average store defines great customer service as having inventory, and decent pricing, and while these things are important,
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Messenger + OwnerListens

10,000+ OwnerListens businesses already know that messaging with customers is awesome! Today messaging with customers gets even more awesome through our new integration with Facebook Messenger, the instant messaging app loved by over 900 million people worldwide. Bots for Messenger are now live! The Messenger Platform empowers businesses to interact with customers where they are,
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The Why and How of Messaging

Messaging Brainstorm

The How (do you) and Why (should you) of Messaging Messaging is everywhere these days: SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter and it seems new messaging platforms emerge every day. Since it’s where customers are, businesses naturally want to be there too. Luckily, messaging is cheap, cost effective, and customers prefer it to traditional methods of business communications (phone,
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