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10,000+ OwnerListens businesses already know that messaging with customers is awesome! Today messaging with customers gets even more awesome through our new integration with Facebook Messenger, the instant messaging app loved by over 900 million people worldwide.

Bots for Messenger are now live!

The Messenger Platform empowers businesses to interact with customers where they are, when they choose, and in the most natural conversational way. Automated capabilities like bots for Messenger will make it easier than ever to interact in engaging new ways to provide delightful, loyalty inducing, customer experiences.

While customers have always been able to send businesses a message through their Facebook Page, bots combined with the tools provided by OwnerListens offer a whole new level of interaction. Any business can now use Messenger to chat live with customers and do so safely and at scale with OwnerListens’ suite of tools built especially for bots for Messenger.

Multiple responders, automated, context-aware replies, templates, DIY Calls to Action (CTA), off hours settings, CRM integrations and more. All the tools you need to help you create amazing customer experiences using the Messenger Platform. Whether you’re a mom & pop ecommerce site, a growing chain of coffee shops, or a Fortune 500 brand – we have a bots solution for you.  

And that’s not all…

Messenger is pampering us with awesome new features to increase customer engagement and streamline customer support.
The new Messenger capabilities offer a richer layer of communication than regular texting. For example, you can embed beautiful calls to action right into the conversation. The CTAs can include text, an image, and a link to a desired action.

Schedule an Appointment                                                      Send a coupon

Tami Tips      Your Local Supermarket

Messages can include multiple calls to action. For example:

Schedule a test drive or Join a mailing list   Make a reservation or Order online

all electric   McWizard Restaurant

Bots for Messenger are great for both offline and online commerce. They may include other calls to action leading to your website, or a prompt to follow your business on Facebook or Instagram:

smart blog      Adam's Bread & Pastries

Check out what some of our customers are already doing with bots and the Messenger Platform, and start thinking about the possibilities this opens up for your business


Oren's Hummus is using Messenger

Messenger is clearly what our customers are using to communicate and we want to be where our customers are. That’s why I’m excited about OwnerListens’ solutions for Facebook Messenger. Using Messenger is a natural extension of our ability to connect directly with customers and it provides capabilities that are richer than what we can do today with texting. With OwnerListens tools for Messenger, we can easily connect all of our locations, automate actions with bots, and empower each of our managers to chat directly with customers.  I’m sure our customers will love it

Oren Dobronsky, Owner,                             Oren’s Hummus Shop



The Philz Coffee Team loves OL for Messenger

“We’re incredibly passionate about bettering our customer’s days through the perfect cup of coffee, personable service, and inviting environment. In order to do this, we’re always looking for new ways to engage with our customers. As users of the OwnerListens product for years, we’re happy to be first in line to adopt their Facebook Messenger Integration as well”

Jacob Jaber, CEO, Philz Coffee

“We’re incredibly passionate about bettering our customer’s days through the perfect cup of coffee, personable service, and inviting environment. Ibook Messenger Integration as well”

Jacob Jaber, CEO Phi

Facebook just dropped the mic on messaging with businesses. Businesses- time for you to pick it up and start a live conversation with your customers.

Click here to  sign up for early access

We just dropped the mic.

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