Putting the “Thanks” in Thanksgiving


Well it’s that time of year again when we gather together with our loved ones to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. For many of us, Thanksgiving conjures up the thoughts of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams and all the other niceties usually eaten. Indeed there is much to be thankful for around this joyous season. Often times, however, thankfulness gets lost in the busyness of Thanksgiving, especially when it comes to buying all the food and goodies that go into preparing for the grand feast. This is especially true for all the behind-the-scenes shopping and transacting necessary to make Thanksgiving happen. Indeed businesses, and especially their employees, face increased pressure to perform in an often thankless environment in which the most one can expect is the perfunctory “thanks” if anything at all.

In 2011, Ownerlistens was founded with the vision of creating an instant communication platform through which customers could instantly and directly text any businesses that they visit. Although it is often used for lodging complaints privately, Ownerlistens sees a substantial percentage of its users using the portal to express gratitude and to acknowledge the hard work of the business-employees that serve them. This use of the platform serves as a reminder that giving a little thanks goes a long way. Here are some snippets of gratitude and acknowledgement seen in real exchanges in 2015:

Omg you guys are awesome! Thank you sooo much

Monica is a fabulous employee. Efficient, pleasant, and service with a smile

Austin is fantastic. Super great employee.

Love these employees!! They are so awesome

Businesses messaged back in kind:

Thanks so much! It’s always so nice to hear positive encouragement, we love you!

Thank you for your support and encouragement! We truly appreciate you taking the time to write to us.

We appreciate the kind words!!!!

Imagine what the shopping-world would look like if employees were instantly and personally acknowledged with heartfelt expressions like these. Just like you, business-employees working during the stressful shopping season of Thanksgiving want to be acknowledged for a job well done!

Now is an excellent time to take a moment from our busy shopping season to reach out and thank those who helped us, even if indirectly, prepare for our gifting, dinners and gatherings. Now is an excellent time to better someone else’s day by sharing a warm “thank you” with our own versions of “you guys are awesome.”

That is precisely the reason why OwnerListens is launching its annual Days of Gratitude once more, an initiative to highlight compliments sent to businesses by happy customers. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin or search for #DaysofGratitude. This Thanksgiving, why not put the thanks back in Thanksgiving and use OwnerListens to send a thank you to some of the businesses around you.


So go ahead and put the thanks back in Thanksgiving by giving back to those who give their services to us!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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  1. Hafiz

    “it’s likely going to beocme obvious in the next couple of weeks” – my pants no longer fit and especially since I go to a worksite gym in the morning with my boss’ primarily contact at our company wearing lycra every morning, I don’t think I can hide it much longer than a couple more weeks. 🙂 It’s obvious to me now I’ve gained a few pounds but I think the bump is coming soon.Everyone else: wow, thanks! I didn’t realize people told so soon. Oh boy. okay I guess after tomorrow I need to schedule a time to meet with her alone Thursday! Eek!

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