OwnerListens is an Official Partner for Small Business Saturday

We are trilled to announce that OwnerListens is an official partner with AMEX for Small Business Saturday on November 29th!

This year, we are proud to offer a free 3-month customer research study to merchants participating in Small Business Saturday! Throughout this study, OwnerListens will help businesses address their toughest customer issues and gain valuable customer insights, such as: product and pricing feedback, preferred locations for expansion, and more!

Businesses can sign up for free at OwnerListens.com and receive their 3-month customer research study by mentioning Small Business Saturday. In addition, participating businesses will also enjoy the many benefits of OwnerListens: protecting online reputation, addressing customer service issues more easily, gaining valuable customer feedback, and also giving positive feedback a louder voice.

Last year, consumers spent $5.7 Billion on Small Business Saturday with independent merchants according to research published by AMEX and the National Federation of Independent Business. 2014 marks the 5th year of this largest #shopsmall event of the year, and consumers are expected to spend even more!

For participating independent merchants, this is clearly a great thing from a revenue perspective, but businesses can get even more out of Small Business Saturday with OwnerListens.

At OwnerListens, we believe in helping small businesses, as they are the backbone of the US economy. Over 5,000 businesses in the US already enjoy the benefits of OwnerListens by receiving and responding directly to customer feedback privately and anonymously. By using OwnerListens and taking advantage of a free 3-month customer research study, business owners can easily address customer issues in real-time, prevent negative reviews online, learn how to really improve, and foster a lasting, personal connection with their neighborhood clientele.

Nestled the day after Black Friday and before Cyber Monday, independent merchants experience a 2x increase in customer traffic on Small Business Saturday. While more customers may mean more sales, it also means that merchants and their employees will need to support a significant increase in customer traffic, opening the door to customer service issues due to overtaxed staff and excited consumers expecting even more from neighborhood businesses.

Business owners – what to know:

  • Sign up and begin promoting OwnerListens at your location before Small Business Saturday to identify and solve any customer service issues prior to the big day
  • Mention you are participating in Small Business Saturday and take advantage of a free 3-month customer research study
  • Register your business with the Shop Small Map so customers know to shop at your location
  • Get helpful tips, read personal stories from other merchants, and get free personalized marketing materials for Small Business Saturday at shopsmall.com
  • Tell your staff about OwnerListens and make sure they are ready for increased customer traffic

Consumers – what to know:

  • Download the OwnerListens App and directly provide owners with private an anonymous feedback instead of posting negative reviews on sites such as Yelp
  • Check out the Shop Small Map and see what business are participating with Small Business Saturday in your neighborhood
  • Rally your neighborhood, join the movement, and help promote Small Business Saturday with handy event tools and social media posts at shopsmall.com
  • Get excited to #shopsmall on Saturday, November 29th and show your support for your neighborhood businesses!

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