Introducing: OwnerListens Tutorials

OwnerListens was designed to be dead simple for end users. On the consumer side, all someone needs to know is how to write an SMS text message or an instant message (if using the app). There’s no sign up, no settings to mess with, just launch, write and send.

On the business side, the owner or manager replying to customers needs to know how to either reply to an email or to an SMS. Simple. Even using our web-based dashboard is super easy. It’s modeled after email, a tool almost everyone is familiar with.

However, the dashboard, as it’s intended for management levels, has additional features. Those features help businesses get the most out of every customer message and provide a bird’s eye view of all messages to understand trends that may require management involvement. The dashboard is also where supervisors of multiple locations can manage all locations in one place.

To help owners and managers make the most out of OwnerListens, we are introducing the OwnerListens Tutorials Series. It includes a step by step “how-to” for the most popular OwnerListens features. The entire playlist is available on Youtube.

We will continue to add videos to this playlist. If there are specific issues you want us to cover let us know in the comments or email us at [email protected]

We’re listening!

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