Lesson 5: Business Tools Provided by Social Networks

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with these social networks as a private user, you need to understand the services offered by these networks to businesses.

Most social networks have a dedicated section of resources for businesses so that’s a good place to start. Those resources are a very good intro, so make sure you read them. Some social networks have not produced specific content at all. They just let business use evolve naturally.

To keep things simple we’ve included links to the basics. We’ll discuss exploring other sources of info in subsequent posts. For now, we suggest going through the links below which we have conveniently compiled for you.

Business Guide
1. Facebook (1.15 billion)
Status updates, photos, videos
2. YouTube 
(1 billion)
Videos & video comments


YouTube does not have a special account type for businesses. To create a YouTube account for a business, all you need is an existing Google account. We recommend creating a Google account specifically for the business and NOT using your personal account for this purpose.
3. Google+    (343 million)
Status updates, photos, videos
4. TripAdvisor
(260 million)
Reviews, photos
5. LinkedIn
(238 million)
Personal profiles, status updates
6. Twitter 
(200 million)
Status updates (140 characters max), Photos
7. Instagram (150 million)
8. Yelp
(100 million)
9. Pinterest 
(70 million)
10. FourSquare (40 million)
Check-ins and reviews

Luckily, there is plenty of external content available to fill the void. Countless guides and how-to resources are out there for pretty much every major site.

At the very least, you should read through these guides once before starting to work for other businesses. As you get your first clients, refer back to these guides. After working with a few businesses, you will get quite comfortable with the various offerings and which of them are a fit for which client type.

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