TechCrunch Exclusive: OwnerListens Raises $1.1M To Keep Angry Customers From Running To Yelp

We are excited to announce a $1.1 million seed round to fuel our rapid expansion and pursue our mission of helping all business owners and customers communicate more effectively!

If you haven’t already, download the OwnerListens app and start supporting your favorite local businesses by sending direct, private, and anonymous customer feedback:

Check out the exclusive here:

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  1. Peter

    hi chris, good points. for Don’t #2, someeimts i find that when you use a signage or just ask clients to leave a review, they either may forget to do so or may not be savvy enough to find your business through Google Local or Yelp, especially if you’re starting new. this is one of the biggest marketing challenges businesses face. i do like the QR code idea, but again most people don’t have a QR code reader installed on their phones.

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