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Customer Service Case Study: Proactive Customer Engagement

Wondering how important it is—really—to engage with your customers via social channels? The customer support gurus at HelpScout discovered that 56% of customers who use real-time channels to interact with an organization say they feel a stronger connection. Platforms that allow brands to have real-time e-conversations with consumers—such as instant messaging and SMS, Twitter, Facebook,
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Customer Service Case Study: Remember the Positives

Businesses want to be on the cutting edge, but when it comes to customer care we could learn a timeless lesson from 1940’s pop legend Johnny Mercer: You gotta’ accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. Trouble is, we sometimes get so caught up in the negative that we forget the importance of identifying and developing
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Customer Service Case Study: Personalized Communication and the Coffee Wars

Want to know what makes an effective customer service strategy? Ask any one of the Fortune 1000 companies and they’ll tell you—it’s building relationships of empathy and goodwill with your customers. In a study published in the Journal of Business Communciation, L. S. Williams reported that the common factor uniting all Fortune 1000 companies is
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