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Does Your Business Need Chat Bots?

Human Chat Bots Mix

In our previous posts, we explained what chat bots are, why they’re exciting, and some of the challenges they present. In this post, we explore the “so what?” So, What Should Your Business Be Doing About Chat Bots? Definitely don’t ignore them. Whether you’re ecommerce, brick and mortar, or both, you should starting thinking about
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Messenger + OwnerListens

10,000+ OwnerListens businesses already know that messaging with customers is awesome! Today messaging with customers gets even more awesome through our new integration with Facebook Messenger, the instant messaging app loved by over 900 million people worldwide. Bots for Messenger are now live! The Messenger Platform empowers businesses to interact with customers where they are,
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Instant Messaging Apps V. SMS Texting – And the winner is…

What’s the difference between instant messaging and texting? What does it mean for businesses? The number of people using instant messaging (IM) apps is staggering – over 4 billion IM accounts have been created worldwide. Over a billion people use WhatsApp, over 900 million use Facebook Messenger, 650 million use WeChat and those are just the
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