Keeping Organizations Going During COVID-19 Pandemic

Keeping Organizations Going During COVID-19 Pandemic

This is not where we all expected to be at this point in 2020. The world is in flux and so is your organization. Naturally this is creating stress, anxiety, and economic hardship.

IMpower is ready to support you with texting solutions to alleviate some of the burden. We are not doctors or scientists. We can’t treat patients or find a cure, but if we can help an organization stay afloat or keep someone informed in a world of uncertainty, we’ve done our small part.

Governments and non-profit organizations are essential components in the battle to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Many of them are using texting as one of their weapons.

If you’re a government or government agency interested in using texting to support your mission, we are waving all setup fees for you.

If you’re a non-profit and interested in using texting to support your mission, we are waving all monthly fees and setup fees for you.

Please reach out to [email protected] or text us at 855-815-7570

(If you are interested in what we’re doing to help businesses respond to COVID-19, click here)

For inspiration, here are the five top ways texting is used by governments and non-profit organizations during the COVID-19 crisis:

1. Disseminate real time information to employees and suppliers

Using group texting, organizations can send text blasts with important, timely updates to all affected employees. Changes in hours of operation, shift changes, stations to report to, updates on policies and more. With IMpower group texting, they can even segment those employees by groups (function, location, schedule etc.).

2. Support lines for stress or quarantine related issues

There is a lot of suffering out there. Many people are lonely, anxious, and scared. For some, texting is the most convenient way to get help. For others, it might be the only way. Luckily, there are wonderful government and non-profit organizations ready to help. Texting software makes it easy for these organizations to provide support, even while working from home.

3. Keyword based informational blasts

Organizations and governments are creating opt in lists to quickly distribute official information. In an age when fake news is abundant, it’s crucial to provide citizens with a safe and reliable source of information.

Many organizations and governments already have keyword based texting lists in place. This crisis is accelerating adoption and highlighting the importance of having such an accessible channel. Anyone with a phone (even a flip phone) can text.

4. Coordinate in-agency and cross-agency efforts with people on the ground

Much of the work done by government agencies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, is done on the ground. Two-way text messaging with employees and partners in the field, is the most efficient way to move information quickly and coordinate efforts.

5. Provide help to vulnerable communities and quarantined people

Organizations and governments are using texting to communicate with at-risk residents and quarantined individuals. A person can easily send out a request for groceries or medical supplies to a designated number. The organization can then text the request to a volunteer and coordinate a delivery time.

We are here for you

IMpower continues to remain fully operational. Our business continuity plan is in place and the entire team stands ready to help. While we’re all working from home and you may hear some kids (and dogs) in the background, know that we are doing our best to serve you as fast as possible.

We hope you and your families stay safe and healthy. 

Adi Bittan,
Co-founder & CEO

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