Keeping Businesses Going During COVID-19 Pandemic

IMpower - Keeping Businesses Going During COVID-19

This is not where we all expected to be at this point in 2020. The world is in flux and so is your business or organization. Naturally this is creating stress, anxiety, and economic hardship. 

IMpower is ready to support you with texting solutions to alleviate some of the burden. We are not doctors or scientists. We can’t treat patients or find a cure, but if we can help a business stay open or keep someone informed in a world of uncertainty, we’ve done our small part.

If you are a brick and mortar establishment providing an essential service and want to use texting to facilitate curbside pickup or deliveries, we will waive all fees. As a result, you will only pay direct carrier costs.

For all other businesses – 25% off of all our sub-enterprise plans. We’re also waiving all setup fees. Our goal is to help you generate touch-less transactions in the age of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Please reach out to [email protected] or text us at 855-815-7570

(If you’re interested in what we’re doing for governments and non-profits, click here)

If you need some inspiration, here are the top ways texting is used by businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, according to our data:

1. Order and pick up communications for restaurants, medical offices, and retail stores

Customers text in their order or issue to the regular business lines. It arrives on a monitor or tablet at the store. When it’s ready an employee texts the customers to come pick up. Then, when the customer arrives, they send a text and an employee puts their order out. With this approach, the customer and employee do not have to interact face to face.

Similarly, veterinarians are coordinating pet drop-off and pickups (humans not allowed in clinics) and medical offices are supplying patients with post care essentials. The less touching, the better.

2. Disseminate real time information to large groups

Changes in hours of operation, updates on service and product deliveries, and check ins on wellbeing. Using group texting, organizations can send text blasts with important updates to a variety of constituents – employees, customers, and suppliers.

We absolutely love the idea of check ins. Most of the messages we see are encouraging, thoughtful, and genuine. Managers texting employees to see that they are ok and help out if they can. Account executives checking on their customers.

“It’s not manager, employees, salespeople, customers anymore. It’s just people texting people.”

Kelly Brighton, IMpower Customer Success Lead

3. Keyword based marketing lists

Businesses are creating opt in lists to quickly distribute information to interested customers. Customers want to remain supportive but even in the best of days, they can forget. Keywords texting lists are easy to sign up for. You can then send quick reminders that the business is still around and ready to accept their orders


IMpower continues to remain fully operational. Our business continuity plan is in place and the entire team stands ready to help. While we’re all working from home and you may hear some kids (and dogs) in the background, know that we are doing our best to serve you as fast as possible.

We hope you and your families stay safe and healthy. Please know that we are here for you and reach out anytime.

Adi Bittan
Co-founder & CEO

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