Installing Message Mate Using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Google Tag Manager Message Mate

How to install Message Mate via Google Tag Manager

Message Mate, by OwnerListens, is one of the newest tags to be included in the Tag Manager platform. What this means for you is that one of the most challenging parts about installing Message Mate on your site is now easier than ever!

Here’s how to do it:


Pre-check list

  1. Have you created a Message Mate? If not, head here
  2. Do you have a Google Tag Manager account? If not, head here

If you’ve answered “yes” to both of the above questions, you’re ready to install your Message Mate using Google Tag Manager.

  1. Head to Google’s Tag Manager and select the Account and Container where you’d like to install Message Mate
  2. Select Add A New Tag from the top left of your screenMessage Mate Google Tag Manager GTM
  3. Name your tag on the top left of the screen. We recommend calling it “Message Mate” or some other name to help you remember what this tag does.
  4. Click on “Choose a tag type to begin”, and select Message Mate from the list on the rightMessage Mate Tag Manager GTM
  5. In the Message Mate Token field, paste the token you copied at the end of the Message Mate creation process
    MM GTM Google

    Paste here

    Message Mate GTM

    This is your Message Mate Token (don’t have one? click here to sign up)

  6. Select a Trigger to make the tag fire. In essence, you’re choosing which webpages should display Message Mate.
  7. Click SAVE in the top right corner (if you forgot to name your tag, you will be reminded to do so at this point).
  8. Click Publish. If you forget to do this your tag will not be published and Message Mate won’t be visible!Publish Message Mate GTM

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