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Seen any of these lately?


The moment you’ve been dreading has finally arrived. As you start your car, a little orange light starts flashing on your dash. It’s time to visit the mechanic.

Most of us are fully aware of the hassle of dealing with auto repairs; and unless you’re a major auto buff, the idea of vehicle repair is probably about as appealing as a trip to the dentist.

Getting work done on your car is usually pretty expensive, and it tends to take much longer than you want it to. After handing over a wad of cash to cover parts and labor, you either have to sit in a boring office or wander around waiting for the mechanic to call you. I mean, have you honestly ever been excited to take your car to the shop?


What if texting auto mechanics were an option?

Things could be different! What if you could make appointments easily, get updates on when your car is ready, or even make sure the flashing light that just popped up doesn’t mean your car will explode? Maybe then a trip to the mechanic wouldn’t sound so bad (or maybe you could avoid it altogether!)

At OwnerListens, we think there’s a better way for you to talk to your mechanic: texting.

Via SMS, you can ask questions, price check repairs, and so much more – the possibilities are endless. You might even get excited to take your car in if you could do something like this:

Customer: “Hey, check engine light just started flashing. Dealership can’t get me in this week, can you?”
Mechanic: “We can get u in tomorrow AM – 9:30 work?”

Customer: “Thx man, that’s great. See you then!”

The OwnerListens Solution

Texting simplifies interactions between businesses and their customers – here, the customer doesn’t have to call the mechanic or drive to the shop and hope he can get an appointment, and the mechanic can schedule the repair easily. It’s quick and convenient, and it also creates opportunities for the mechanic to convert more on prospective customers and retain the loyal ones he already has. With a few quick texts, instant messaging makes it as easy as that.

OwnerListens wants to help businesses stay in touch with their customers. Our SMS channels, routing, and backend allow you to communicate effortlessly using the method modern consumers prefer. Increase conversion and retention: set up your unique SMS number today!



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