Lesson 7: What Does a Social Media Manager Actually Do?

There are two main activities that a social media manager performs online:

1. Creating compelling content to post and share online.

2. Interacting with customers online when they interact with your content and when they post their own content.

There are also offline and off-social media activities the social media manager should facilitate. These come into play mainly when the business also has a brick and mortar presence but can sometimes apply to online only businesses as well. Such activities involve steering the community of customers to the business’ social channels.

The business needs to cooperate of course which can sometimes present a challenge. For example, the employees need to be trained to ask customers to follow the business’ profiles. We will discuss this aspect in a later post about on-boarding and maintaining clients.

The goal of these activities is simple: to get customers to see the business in a positive light. To achieve this, the successful social media manager will:

1. Provide information about the business and general content of interest to customers

2. Get customers to engage with the business online

3. Prevent negative posts and reviews from spiraling out of control and hurting the business

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photo by: Alejandro Escamilla

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