Lesson 3: The Six-Step Roadmap

Social media is a vast field with many nooks and crannies to explore. There will be constant learning and changes but hey, that’s what makes it exciting doesn’t it? Before you dive into the details, here’s a roadmap to your journey. Follow these six steps and you’ll be on your way.

1.     Get familiar with all the major social media networks. 
It’s not enough to be great at just Instagram or just LinkedIn. You need to be familiar with the main general-purpose social media channels plus the ones relevant to your specific industry if you decide to specialize. Many industries now have dedicated social or review networks. Those specialized networks can sometimes be as crucial to a business’s success as the main social networks. We will have a special post dedicated to these networks at a later time.
2.     Learn how to use social media tools for business. 
Social media channels have special tools they designed specifically for business users. You can’t be a good social media manager without mastering them. In addition, there are third party companies who provide tools to manage social media. Everything from handling multiple accounts, to coming up with content to analytics to measure how you’re doing. These tools help keep you organized and on top of things.
3.     Learn how to interact with customers online. 
Customers on social media require different interaction than you would have with your friends. When you’re interacting online with strangers for the first time, there are some things that don’t come through as they would in a face to face conversation or even in an email.
4.    Learn how to get customers. 
For your social media management business, convince them of your skills and leverage existing business into referrals for new clients. Use social media to present success stories that you’ve had with clients, and demonstrate your skills to prospective clients (and contacts who could spread the word).
5.    Learn to set up and on-board a new client. 
Setting up and on-boarding a customer properly can increase their long-term level of satisfaction and the success of the engagement. Take the time to set expectations for your clients about what you’ll be doing, as well as what you’ll need from them to succeed.

6.     Learn to maintain your clients and keep up with the required skills for a social media managerAcquiring a customer is just the first step. A professional social media manager must stay updated on the latest trends in order to continue to perform well and delight customers. Like any professional, the social media manager must continuously maintain and nurture the relationship with customers to ensure they are satisfied and answer any concern head on.
Stay tuned! A post about each of these steps is coming.

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