Why Texting is so much better than live chat

Annoying live chat asks you to fill out a bunch of fields

Why Texting is so much better than live chat

    1. More engagement, less bounces. When a visitor is on live chat with you, the internet’s many distractions can lure them away in an instant. Once they close the browser window, you’ve forever lost them.
    2. You don’t have to be online all the time, and you won’t miss customers because of that. Lower the burden on you and your employees. You can respond immediately to text messages but you don’t have to. Even if you respond 15 minutes or 15 hours later, your customer will get the message, and open it. Texts have 98% open rates.
    3. Get real (useful) contact info. It’s extremely easy for customers to provide a fake email to a live chat window pop up. Even when they provide a real email, emails only have a 30% open rate. With texting, customers provide their real number and are virtually guaranteed to see your message.
    4. Follow up. The customer’s cell phone is the most direct and effective way to (gently and politely) follow up on a purchase and ask for a review or feedback.
    5. More personal. Texts feel more personal because they are the exact same interface people use with their friends, family, and colleagues, and it’s on the device they love most – their cell phone.
    6. Significantly better mobile experience. More than 58% of sales are now from mobile (Shopify CEO, April 2017). You need a seamless mobile experience. Texting is seamless and natural on a mobile device. It works even with one bar of reception. Live chat is clunky, slow, and requires a consistent data connection or wifi.
    7. Higher customer satisfaction. When someone is on live chat they are annoyed and anxious until your reply because they have to stay in browser to continue the conversation. With texting they are relaxed and comfortable as they go about their day. When your reply comes, there’s a moment of delight as the notification arrives on their phone. That’s why over 50% of customers rate their texting experience through Message Mate a perfect 10!

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