7 things texting with Message Mate can do for you, in addition to improving conversion rates

What else does texting with Message Mate do for you?

If you’ve made it this far you understand that texting can improve your conversion rates. That’s awesome but Message Mate is built to do so much more for you. Here’s a rundown of all the goodness:

  1. Reduce the number of customer service calls – Spend that valuable time on growing your business. On average businesses see a reduction of 10-17% in the number of phone calls.
  2. Streamline how you work with Facebook Messenger – Do you find yourself having to check Facebook to respond to messages to your business page? With our native Messenger integration you can reply to Facebook Messenger posts from your email, texts, or our web dashboard.
  3. Handle service faster with less hassle – Text responses are shorter and take less time for you to write than emails. Use our templates for even faster results or ask us and we’ll create templates based on your needs.
  4. Insanely higher customer satisfaction – Over 75% of customers rate their texting experience with Message Mate an 8 or higher. Over 50% rate it a perfect 10. Customers absolutely rave about stores that text with them (“Love that y’all added the text help option” “Awesome service. This is going on Reddit”)
  5. Get more great reviews – Use our automated workflow feature to ask happy customers (rating of +8) to write a review or follow you on social media. [post an image of an example]
  6. NEW! Start building your texting list – We are so excited about this. It’s a new feature that makes it easy for stores to send a weekly offer to their customers. We take care of fully a compliant opt in and opt out process and give you a simple way to send out offers. This feature is in beta. If you want in, install the app and contact us!
  7. Be cool! – No one thinks email, calls, live chat, or lord help us, contact forms, are cool. Texts and Messenger are cool and will make your brand cooler. If you don’t believe us, find a teenager and ask them.

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