What if you could text anyone?…

What if You Could Text Anyone-

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What if you could text anyone? Well, maybe not anyone – most world leaders and celebrities might like to stay off your speed dial – but anyone, and any business, who’s a part of your day-to-day life. You already text your family and friends, maybe you even get business-related text reminders, but imagine texting your local pizza parlor, your doctor’s office, your hair salon: any business you’d normally have to spend time calling or emailing.

If you could just text them instead, you could save time, reduce stress and get the answers you need right when you need them. Pretty cool, right?

Think about how much smoother your average workday could be. It might look a little something like this:

7:00 AM: Wake up and get dressed. You realize your favorite shirt is at the dry cleaners. You send them a text asking when it’ll be ready, and they reply that you can come by anytime after 5:00 PM today.

7:45 AM: Leave for work. You want to stop and get coffee on the way, but you’re running a little late this morning. You’re disappointed, but then you remember you can text your order to your favorite cafe – they have it waiting for you when you arrive.

11:45 AM: Go to a lunch meeting. It’s an important one, so you text the trendy new lunch spot around the corner and ask about the wait. They promise to reserve a nice table with appetizers at the ready.

1:00 PM: Head back to the office. On your way upstairs, you notice one of the elevators isn’t working. You text the number on the maintenance sign, and the property manager responds with his thanks and that he’s dispatching a technician.

5:15 PM: Drive home. As you start your car, the (darn) Check Engine light comes on. It threatens to ruin your evening until you text your mechanic, who says you can drop the car off first thing in the morning.

5:50 PM: Pick up dry cleaning, then dinner. You’re in a hurry to get home, so you’ve already texted in your takeout order. After pulling up to the curb, you text the restaurant again and the delivery staff brings out your order.

6:15 PM: Arrive at home. It’s time to kick back and relax – you’ve saved a lot of time today by avoiding email inquiries and call centers, and now you get to enjoy yourself…

Here at OwnerListens, we’re in the business of making this kind of day possible. Our ideal day looks a lot like this one, and we want that aspiration to become a reality. If you could text businesses, you’d get the help you need in real-time, instead of waiting on hold for half an hour or endlessly refreshing your email inbox. There’d also be no more wasting time trying to navigate customer support – when texting a business, you would reach a live person who can help you in real-time.

If our perfect day sounds similar to what you’d like your perfect to look like, let the businesses in your life know you want to text them. Join the OwnerListens Ambassador Program, get incentivized for bringing businesses on board, and free yourself from unnecessary emails and calls today!

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