Poolside Ordering from My Phone? Don’t Mind if I Do!

Beach cafe ready for mobile

Do businesses really need to adopt mobile? Are mobile apps and optimized websites worth the time it takes to develop them? If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably asked yourself these questions more than once.

If your business is doing fine without mobile, why bother?

Here’s a solid reason: 90% of Americans own a mobile device, counting both smartphones and feature phones. Ignoring mobile means ignoring a simple, easy way to get in contact with almost all of your customers. People use their mobile devices to perform more and more activities every day, and it won’t be long before they expect their thumbs to be able to do the talking with your business.

OwnerListens can help you adopt mobile technology: we’ll set you up with a mobile number your customers can text or instant message, no app required. This number gives your business a plethora of options for customer communications.

One use case for using OwnerListens is collecting feedback from customers. This is a fine solution, but when you receive negative feedback, you’re already entering the conversation at a disadvantage: the problem has already happened, and your solutions may now be limited. 87% of adults say they’re looking for good service when they pick a place to eat, and they’re serious – our messaging database is full of complaints about slow, rude, and inattentive service. So why wait for customers to become unhappy before stepping in?

With a little imagination, OwnerListens can help keep your customers (and employees) consistently happier.

Think about a beach or poolside cafe, for example. Using OwnerListens, it could take orders from customers sitting along the water and in cabanas. By taking orders over instant message, the wait staff cuts down on half their trips running back and forth, and customers typically will not get disappointed at the inability to hail a waiter. A typical conversation might go like this:

Customer: “We’re about done with [our] drinks. Can we plz get some mozzarella sticks and chicken strips? We’re at table 7 next to the cabanas.”

Server: “You bet. Is there anything else I can get you?”

Customer: “Two more Diet Cokes, thanks!”

Server: “Perfect. Your drinks will be out right away, and your appetizers should be out in the next 10-15 minutes!”

Text-to-order is great for all involved. Customers can order as soon as they’re ready – no more waiting for a server or being hovered over, and wait staff don’t have to wander around waiting to be flagged down. Plus, customers can get answers to their questions immediately, and employees don’t have to worry about mishearing orders.

Best of all, with OwnerListens, implementation is a breeze.

OwnerListens routes messages to the appropriate recipient(s), via up to three channels simultaneously: a web dashboard, email, and SMS to their personal phone (we keep everyone’s information private). All conversations are backed up for your records, and you can even set up escalation flows and multiple recipients. No IT integrations necessary – it really is that simple.


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