The Bottom Line: OwnerListens is About Great Customer Service

Great customer service is good for your business
Though it seems obvious, many businesses aren’t doing customer service right despite their best intentions.

As we (and many others) talk about extensively, excellent customer service holds rich rewards for businesses. Not only can you turn casual customers into loyal ones and keep the loyal customer happy (and recommending you), you can also delight new customers to expand your business. Keep in mind that while sometimes a new customer is trying out a product or service for the first time ever, but, more often than not, they are giving your business a try over one of your competitors. As we heard yesterday (we’ll get to the story in a minute), great customer service is an opportunity to convert a competitor’s customer into one of yours.

OwnerListens makes great customer service easy
With numerous choices and easy ways for customers to discover competitors, customer service is, more than ever, the defining characteristic of successful businesses. While industries and specific situations may differ, the core principles stay the same: (1) make it easy for customers to reach you, (2) be fast and efficient at responding, and (3) make a genuine personal connection.

OwnerListens helps businesses succeed in customer service by providing an easily accessible feedback solution. Customers simply need to use their cell phones to send an SMS text or a message via our iOS or Android app. Owners and managers get instant notifications and can respond quickly from their phone or computer. That response is pivotal to making customers happy. Hearing back from someone, a real person, who addresses their concern, shows customers you care and value their opinion (even if you don’t always agree with it).

Furthermore, the system is private, so while you can address customer concerns and build a lasting customer relationship, they don’t feel like they’re sharing all their data just so they can tell you to turn the A/C down.

And now for the story…
Yesterday and today, OwnerListens is at the Silicon Valley Open Doors conference in Mountain View, CA. While we expected to hear great presentations from fellow exhibitors, get updates on what’s new in tech and have engaging conversations with investors, we were surprised to hear directly from a consumer who has used our service:

“Hey, I think I have seen this service before, you work with Philz Coffee right? I love this service! I used to go to Peet’s, but am very picky about my coffee and would always have to send feedback to Yelp…where I would hear nothing back. One day I went to Philz with a friend, saw your signs, said to myself ‘what an easy way to send feedback’ and tried it out! I got an immediate response and now I only go to Philz – your service is awesome!”

While we’re certainly flattered by the compliment about our service, we’re most excited to hear that it is making a real difference for one of our clients. This example of converting a competitor’s customer is just one we heard about…how many customers are switching to your business because of great customer service?

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