OwnerListens Now Supports iBeacons

It has been a big week for us at OwnerListens. Last Wednesday, we announced the release of the OwnerListens API, making it is easier than ever for businesses to add feedback to existing products. And now we’re happy to announce OwnerListens supports iBeacons!

Are you interested in learning how long customers wait in line before giving up?

Would you like to know when customers can’t find a product so you can send help?

When a customer leaves the store, would you like to collect their feedback or a net promoter score?

Now you can with OwnerListens and iBeacons!

Customers walking into an establishment often lose solid cell phone signal making location based services useless. Even when businesses invest in boosting signal and WiFi enhancers, GPS doesn’t provide the specificity that makes location-based services compelling. GPS can’t help when a customer is looking for the cereal aisle or restroom. iBeacons promise to solve this problem by enabling granular location based customer communications at affordable prices. The technology has numerous location-specific applications such as customer service improvements; marketing and in-store promotions; and payment processing. The data derived from iBeacons can uncover operational improvements and cost saving opportunities.

What are iBeacons?
iBeacons (an Apple trademark) are devices that use Bluetooth low energy (BLE) to signal their presence by broadcasting a unique identifier. Developers can enable apps to look for iBeacons and trigger an action (for example, a push notification) when iBeacons are detected. For more details and technical specs, refer to this great FAQ by Cisco.


How are they used?
iBeacons can be placed virtually anywhere within a business, are relatively inexpensive, and consume very little energy. They are great for facilitating mobile communication indoors and enhancing the way customers interact within an establishment.

One iBeacon near the door could send a welcome message to incoming customers and a message asking for feedback from outgoing customers. A product display iBeacon could send additional product information or deliver a special offer. iBeacons strategically placed throughout a facility help businesses understand how customers move and interact inside the business. This data can facilitate store layout optimization to improve customer flow, increase sales and reduce lines.

While much has been written about how iBeacons can revolutionize malls, grocery stores, and large retail, they are just as effective for hospitals, doctor’s offices, gyms, community centers, coffee shops, restaurants and small retail.

How does OwnerListens use iBeacons?
When iBeacons are used in conjunction with the OwnerListens app, businesses can:

  • Gather time and location specific feedback at previously unavailable granularity (up to 5 feet accuracy).
  • Communicate contextual product and services information automatically
  • Deliver timely marketing messages
  • Alert staff to customer recovery opportunities
  • Provide the same or better level of customer service with less staff
  • Capture actionable insights on customer behavior and needs

iBeacons present many opportunities for better engagement with customers. There is no one size fits all solution. Businesses must send carefully consider quality, quantity and frequency of messages to strike just the right balance of engagement that isn’t harassing or annoying. OwnerListens works with clients individually to optimize the use of iBeacons at each location.

Is customer information secure with iBeacons?
With OwnerListens, yes. We do not store or share the personal information of any of the users of the OwnerListens app. Adding iBeacons to OwnerListens does not change that. All the benefits of privacy and anonymity with OwnerListens extend to our use of iBeacons.

Ready to get started with OwnerListens and iBeacons?
If you have any questions about setting up OwnerListens with iBeacons, or adding iBeacons to your existing OwnerListens service, contact us at [email protected].

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