Business Learning Series – Lesson 8: Use Positive Reviews as Testimonials

Positive reviews are incredibly fun to receive. Who doesn’t like being told they are doing a fantastic job? But that’s not the reason they’re the brightest side of social media. Positive reviews are great because they are extremely powerful marketing tools.

While it might seem irrational that consumers are influenced by online reviews from people they have never met, it actually makes sense when you consider the alternative. If you don’t personally know someone who has experience with a business, the next best alternative is someone you don’t know. It’s certainly better than no info at all.

When customers write great things about your business, they typically do so on one site. It is rare that a customer will take the time to go to several site to write a review. It is your job to spread the word.

While it is impossible to go a review site and post instead of the customer, there are places where you can use the content. On the section of your profile that you control, you can add a heading called testimonials and insert customer comments there. On your website homepage you should have customer testimonials displayed prominently. CustomerFeedbackOne great way to showcase customer testimonials on social media is to create graphic quote card with your logo and colors, and quote the customer comment in it. Graphics get higher engagement on social media and use them on most platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest). You can also get creative with quote cards; If the customer mentions an employee, take a photo of that employee and put the quote on it. Similarly with a product.


The issue of who owns content posted on your social media wall is a murky one, but the legalities are not the main issues. Best practice is that before you reuse content posted by a customer, make sure to reach out and get their permission. It is the polite and safe thing to do. A customer might react poorly to their comment being used for marketing and you definitely don’t want to alienate a customer who gave you good marks. Clearly explain where and how you plan to use the content, politely ask whether the customer agrees and if they’d like their name, partial name and location used. Offer to keep it anonymous if that makes them more comfortable. In fact, OwnerListens has a feature built into our dashboard that allows businesses to quickly and easy ask for publication permissions even when the customer is completely anonymous to them. Check it out:

Time commitment:
15-20 minutes per review

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  1. John - I own a body shop

    This is a great idea! Thanks! I wonder what percent of customer agree to this?

  2. Zeynep

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