Throwback Thursday: Customer Service Edition #1

We’ve collected quite a list of legendary customer service scenes from TV shows and movies and have been thinking about what to do with them.

Some are funny, some are serious. They are all a reflection on how humans interact with each other in a customer service environment.

As we look back, it’s amazing to think about how customer experience has changed so much on the web, but actually very little in the brick and mortar retail and food world. These videos remind us of how much work there still is to do to improve customer experience.

They are also quite nostalgic which makes them a perfect fit for a Throwback Thursday Customer Service Series. Check in every Thursday as we post awesome customer service related blasts from the past. If there’s a scene you remember and would look us to try and locate, let us know in the comments.


To start us off: A true classic. An excerpt from the legendary season 7, episode 6 of Seinfeld. Soup Nazi

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