Add Your Own Content

Creating captivating content will draw people’s attention to your website. Your number one goal should be to creating content that people want to engage with, either by commenting or sharing on their own social networks, thus generating free and unbiased advertising for your business.

We recommend the 4-C strategy to creating your own content:

Consistent: The message or the narrative of the content must be consistent with the primary values of the business. This is especially important because your content will come in different formats, such as social media posts, blogging, website articles, etc. In many instances, the content is created by different authors, each with their own style and ides. To prevent inconsistency, it is recommend to form and articulate guiding principles for the content.

Continuous: The website should generate on-going content, so it can become a go-to destination for readers. Many times you will not know in advance which content will generate the most attention. This is why we recommend testing different types of content and monitoring which one receives the most hits.

Commove: The content should be exciting and generate an emotional response from the reader. Needless to say, you want to generate an emotional response that will be additive to your campaign. Generating content just for the sake of controversy can backfire, and is often detrimental to your brand. There are much better ways to generate interest without being necessarily “shocking”.

Commonplace: The content should relate to day-to-day’s activities of the reader. In our next blog post we will discuss  how to “make it personal” for your viewers.

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